5 Solar Panel Maintenance And Care Tips

If you are one of the homeowners that made the switch to solar power, welcome to the renewable energy community. It’s a great feeling knowing that your appliances can function on totally clean energy, and the sun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Now, when you first got the idea of using solar panels, the maintenance probably stuck at the forefront of your brain. And when you started doing shopping, you probably read that maintenance isn’t really necessary. The latter statement is totally correct by the way, but there are some small things you can do to ensure your solar power system remains efficient.

In this article, you are going to learn 5 solar panel maintenance and care tips that can extend the already long life of your system. Which also means you’ll be getting more bang for your buck.

1. Keep Them Clean

When you look at the design of a solar panel, you’ll notice it is pretty straightforward. You get an aluminum frame, and inside the frame is a silicone cell (depending on the type of panel you choose). And covering the silicone cell is a glass panel.

It’s with good reason that clear glass is used as protection, and it’s because it allows the sun’s rays to reach the silicone cell without any interference. However, if the panels start to get dirty, it will influence the efficiency level of the system.

As your first tip, remember to keep the panels clean.

2. The Best Way To Clean The Solar Panels

Now that you know that solar panels need a good cleaning every now and then, it’s time to move onto step no.2, which is the best way to clean a solar panel.

Given that you want the glass sheet to stay as transparent, it is crucial that you only use soft cloths and soaps. Because by scratching the glass, you are creating interference.

You should also be careful when you climb the roof to do the cleaning. Things can get very slippery, especially with all the soap and water.

3. Stay Away From Shade

Even though you don’t want the panels to get too hot, you don’t want them in the shade either. Of course, you don’t want to start cutting down trees in order to put up solar panels, but why not consider trimming them instead?

4. Do Some Monitoring

Along with the panels, you’ll need an inverter. The inverter is responsible for turning the DC energy into AC energy (which you use inside your home), and it also lets you know how much energy is coming from the panels.

So, make sure you understand what the flashing lights mean and keep an eye on them. There is no reason to do anything unless the lights start flashing in ways they shouldn’t.

When you think about it, letting a small issue slide now can turn into an issue of you losing money. One of the reasons you have solar panels is to save on the energy bill, so ensure everything is working properly on a regular basis.

5. Take Note Of Daily Performance

Do yourself a favor and log the performance of your system every day. This will give you a good idea of the efficiency level and how quickly your system is losing it.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that solar equipment loses efficiency over time, but you get a good 20 years out of your solar panels at the very least. And you can extend that period by keeping those panels clean and watching for irregular flashing lights from the inverter.

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Five Questions To Ask Your Solar Installer

If you need solar panels put in on your home, and you don’t know who to call, you can start looking in the classified ads for this information. You can also find these businesses online, companies that have likely been doing this for well over a decade. They will be able to come out to give you an estimate on how much it will cost. Without asking them, you will not be able to determine which company is the best. Here are five questions to ask your solar installation company before they actually start the project.

How Long Will It Take?

The speed at which it is going to be accomplished is a factor that you should know. For example, if it is going to rain soon, or if you would like to start using this right at the beginning of summer when the days are longest, it is good to know if it’s going to be up and running by that time.

How Much Will It Cost?

The second question you ask is how much as a going to cost. This is a common question that most people will inquire about. That’s why they get estimates from multiple companies that are known for installing solar panels. You may find that one of them is much lower than all of the others, but they may not have the same reputation. That leads into the third question that you should ask each of these companies that is going to potentially do this for you.

How Is Your Business Rating?

This question is going to refer to not only the rating that they have on the Better Business Bureau website, but also the social feedback they have received from customers. You will initially ask the representative about the rating, and they can direct you to their website where they may actually have testimonials on the BBB rating available. Once you have that information, you can narrow the list even further. You will only want to work with those that are not only fully qualified, but highly reputable.

Ask About Solar Panel Options

the fourth question you ask is about the solar panel options that they have available. You will want to either go with monocrystalline solar panels, which are preferable, or the others which are much less expensive. The reason that people will tend to go with polycrystalline is that the cost is going to be substantially lower. However, when looking at this from a long term, you are going to see that all of the costs associated with the installation are not going to be reflected with your initial purchase. It’s a long-term strategy, and that’s why you should know if they do have some monocrystalline options.

How Long Do They Last?

These are going to last for 10 years at least, although some of them may last longer. You also should know about how much the cost of replacement will be, and if they can do repairs at all. In most cases, if the solar panel is shattered, you will have to replace it with the new one. This can be expensive, especially if you have decided I monocrystalline panels over all of the others. Once you have that info, you will know which company is offering the best guarantee on the solar panels they are currently selling.

Without asking these questions, you will never know which company will provide you with the best options. Find out how much it will cost, when they can start, and what type of solar panels they are going to use. Once you have found out about the Better Business Bureau rating, and also the social rating that they have, it will be clear which one will be the best choice. Once these are put in, you are going to notice a significant difference in the amount you are paying on your energy bill because it will be made with the solar panels that are on your home.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof

There are so many reasons that people should invest in solar panels. If you don’t have them on your home, you ought to consider getting estimates. There are those that are apprehensive about switching over to a different format by which electricity is generated. They initially think that the cost is going to be too much, or it’s not going to produce enough, especially if they are trying to get off of the grid. There are five things that you should find out about, information about how solar panels work, and how they will be able to help you save money on your utility bills each and every month.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are made of silica. They are designed to absorb light from the sun. This light will cause a chain reaction within the silica, producing the release of electrons. This release is captured on wires, in the form of electricity, and this is either used or stored on batteries. These have been made for decades, but in recent years, they have really improved upon the technology. These can be used to not only power homes, or even small businesses, but you can sell the electricity to whatever electric company happens to be in your area. They are always looking for individuals that will be able to provide them with additional sources of electricity during peak season usage.

Why Would You Want To Have Them Installed?

The reason that you would like to install these might be different from someone else. You may simply want to move forward toward using clean energy. Others are interested in cutting back on their electric bill, something that could be substantially high. You might want is for your business, or perhaps you have a two-story home that has a great Southern view. All of these reasons are good enough to give solar panels a try. But you do have to find ones that are efficient and affordable.

Where You Find Installers For Solar Panels?

Solar panel companies are becoming more prominent, large numbers of them in cities all across the country. You can get estimates from all of them by contacting them to their website, or you may simply want to call them on the phone to schedule an appointment for them to come out to your location. Once you have received all of the estimates back, you can then see who is charging the least amount of money. Then compare those prices with the reputation of each business to make your final choice.

Five Things You Should Ask About Solar Panel Installations

The first thing that you need to know is how efficient they are. Always go with monocrystalline if possible. Second, you need to know what manufacturer is actually making them. You can do research on all of the companies that produce them and preferably use the one that comes with the highest amount of positive feedback. Third, consider their schedule in comparison to your own. They may want to come out a couple weeks from now, but you may need to have this done much sooner. Fourth, ask about solar panel arrays as this is going to produce substantially more energy, perfect for small or even large businesses. Finally, find out about financing. Most of these are going to cost several thousand dollars, even tens of thousands of dollars depending upon their size. This information will serve to help you make the right decision when choosing a solar panel installation company.

Now that you know a little bit more about solar panels, and the five questions that you ought to ask, it’s time to get on the phone and start making contacts. You can schedule times for each of the representative to come out to take measurements, and subsequently provide you with how much it will cost in writing. By the end of the year, you should have all of your energy primarily produced by these solar panels or even solar panel arrays. There is a slight initial investment, but after a period of several years, you will literally be making free energy from the sun.

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Cool Solar Energy Gadgets Are Making Life Easier!

Modern conveniences are getting even easier, thanks to the growing popularity of solar energy gadgets. Many of these things can be used in conjunction with your personal tech and household electronics, giving you a boost into the greener future of the world. You can mix and match these items in order to reduce your consumption of outdated fossil fuels.

For decades the advances made in the US and other advanced nations depended on the electricity generated at the local utility. The electrical providers around the world have depended primarily on fossil fuel in order to generate the amount required to meet customer demands. Though a few other sources are used, such as the Hoover Dam supply, fossil fuels have been and continue to be the most common.

While utility companies seek to expand their own models of collection, individuals also have opportunities to make a contribution to a greener future for the whole world. Homeowners can take advantage of solar panels and other forms of natural energy in order to supply everything they want, from a single appliance to the entire property.

The really exciting thing about solar energy gadgets is that you don’t have to wait until you own a home and have the cash to plunge into a complete solar setup. You can take advantage of the various gadgetry on the market now, even as a renter or while still living with your parents. Folks from every walk of life and situation can make things a bit easier with appropriate solar energy tech devices.

Practically everyone has a smartphone, and maybe even more mobile devices. If you use your device a lot, you are likely worried about running out of battery charge before you can get to a recharge spot. With a solar energy charger, you don’t have to worry about that any longer. Even if you are camping or otherwise away from your usual power sources, this little solar energy collection device can ensure that you can reach out and touch someone on the phone if necessary.

While charging up your music player with little panels set up might be cool, why not take advantage of solar shades that can keep your unit charged while you are on the go. The charger is shaped like a pair of sunglasses, so you can wear them practically anywhere outdoors. Also hooks up to your phone and other small devices.

Enjoy your favorite tech while picnicking and hanging out in the fresh air by taking advantage of small panels that fold up when not in use. You can use these to make sure that you have a power supply for your laptop or whatever else you might need charged. These are an excellent choice when you have more than one device to charge.

Those who plan for survival scenarios will tell you that a radio communication system with a solar power setup should be in your bugout bag. This will allow you to monitor what is happening during an emergency situation without wasting precious battery power to hear nothing or the same announcements that aren’t leading anywhere.

One of the absolutely coolest solar gadgets that anyone could own is a generator. These can be used to keep multiple devices working in the event of a power outage. In addition to your tech, the generator can ensure that your refrigerator and freezer are at optimal temperatures to protect your foods.

These are a few of the awesome solar energy gadgets that you can find on the market today. Keep looking and you are sure to find all kinds of neat ways to improve your life with green technology.

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